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It’s a Philosophy silly! April 8, 2011

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philosophy tsv 4/16/2011

I’ve always had fairly decent skin.  I really didn’t take care of it much, and never really had too many problems.  Until recently that is.  As I age, and as I’ve gone off the hormonal roller coast that is The Pill (shriek!  Horror!) I’ve had some nasty side effects like patchy, dry, scaly skin along with an oil slick for a nose.

In steps philosophy, the skin care line that was developed for dermatologists.  My first product was Hope in a Jar last year, which i love, and I recently purchased the Miracle Worker set from after watching a presentation on QVC.  WOWZAH!  After using this set a few times a week for a month, I really see a difference in my skin.  The dry flaky patches are gone, and the overall texture has improved.  So much so, that I recently bought the next step:  the microdelivery peel pads.  These are like mini peels in a pad that refresh and renew your skin.  I’ve only used them once, so stay tuned on that front…

Why am I telling you this?  Well because philosophy is having a Today’s Special Value on QVC this month.  The set includes said Miracle Worker retanoid pads, Miracle Worker Eye Cream, Miracle Worker Eye Cream, and Miracle Worker Day Cream.  All of this for $96.18.  Since I paid $110 for a set that only had the pads on (which comes with a solution you pour over them), the Miracle Worker Concentrate and the regular Miracle Worker moisturizer (not the spf 55 one this kit has) you are getting the eye cream for free and a bit of a boosted moisturizer.  This is a GREAT deal!  I am going to take advantage of it, even though I still have plenty of my kit left because ti’s a great value.  It’s also available on Sleazy Easy Pay which allows to spread the cost over a few months.  If you’re really in love, you can get it on Auto Delivery, so you only pay shipping on the first order (although I’m not sure about this because my other A-D do charge shipping…ah well).

To order now on presale:

A216295 one time only

A216610 auto delivery

There will be new numbers on the day of the presentation


Mally Mally Mally! March 11, 2011

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So I’ve been on a bit of a shopping frenzy lately, what with all the things I’ve been reading and seeing around the blogesphere.  I’ve been buying a lot of product, simply so I can test things and out and find what works for me.  Primarily, this means a LOT of Bare Escentuals, but I’ve also been digging in to other brands to find out what works for my skin, and what stays on my face.

I’ve got some persnickity skin you see; it’s winter, and it’s dry and chilly.  Yes, even us San Francisco types get cold!  Granted, 35 degrees is about as chilly as we get usually, but still…as a result my face has several dry, flakey patches, but an oily nose and T-zone.  This makes it complicated to find the right products!  My biggest challenge is finding eye makeup that stays put.  Crayon / pencil type liners always end up on my cheeks, usually a few minutes after I apply them.  I’ve also been experimenting with eye primers, but that’s a story for another blog post.

Recently, I read a preview of the Mally Beauty Today’s Special Value (TSV) somewhere – I honestly can’t remember where, and I figured what the heck, I’ll check it out, because Mally claims her eye makeup is “bulletproof”.  This is exactly what I need!  I went ahead and ordered the kit on pre-sale and waited anxiously for it to show up.  This week, it finally did.  I’ve been wanting to try some Mally products for a while, and ordered the Poreless Face Defender in January to try it out.  I’m still playing with it, but I do like the mattifying effects it has on my face.

After my usual foundation, I started in with the Mally Share the Love TSV has 10 pieces, and was $59.94 when I purchased it.  I opted for Auto Delivery, and will get new collections in July and November.  The first collection includes:

  • Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner in Chestnut (a brown shade)
  • Lip Magnifiers in Punch (pink) and Blush (sheer pink)
  • Illuminating Blush in Pink Satin
  • Poreless Perfection Shaded Skin Finisher
  • Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Deepest Brown
  • Two Volumizing Mascaras in Black
  • Double-ended 24/7 blush brush
  • Mini kabuki brush
  • Sharpener
  • Organza pouch
  • Kindness is the New Black tote

For my eyes, I completely forgot to put some primer on (which was my mistake and might impact this review – so I’ll follow up with a primer).  So this is really a good test, beginning with the Evercolor Eyeliner.  At the moment, this product only comes in kits.  I really like this color, a deep dark brown but not black.  Because it’s an automatic pencil, it’s very thin, and easy to get right down on the lashline.  My only issue with this, is that it started to smear a bit before it set, but that’s no biggy.   Next, I added the Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner in Chestnut.  This is a fat pencil, which is a brand new product (only available in this kit right now), in a shimmering bronze/brown.  I love this color!  It’s a bit dark for all over color for me, but I used it in the crease, and then smudged it with the smudger tip and my finger to give some definition.  Then I snuck in some of the Tarte eyeshadow in Shimmering Sand as highlighter, and blended it out with the Chestnut.  Finally, a coat of the Volumizing Mascara.  The mascara does a great job in one coat, and doesn’t clump or stick together, two things that are important to me.

Next, I added some Illuminating Blush in Pink Satin. The color is a bit bright, but once I blended it out on my cheekbones, and added the illuminator, I really liked it.  The illuminator is a whitish powder with sparkle, that I used as a highlighter on my high cheekbones and other parts of my face.  I also used it to blend out the Pink Satin blush, to look more natural like a sun kissed cheek.  I will say that the big problem I had with the blush is the brush is terrible.  One side is meant to be used with the illuminator, and looks like a large flathead foundation brush.  The other side is a small, dense, fluff brush.  unfortunately, the illuminator end of the brush just packs on and clumps with the flat brush.  The fluff brush picks up entirely too much product.  So that is a fail for me.  The color however, is a win.

The finishing touch is the worldwide launch of the Poreless Perfection Shaded Skin Finisher, which is of course – NOT A POWDER!  If you’re a Mallynista, you know that she loathes powder because it can get cakey and ashy, particularly on women of color.  I used to, back in my teens, wear such things, but now I really only wear mineral foundation or skin finishers.  This product is great!  It’s VERY similar to BE Mineral Veil in my opinion, but this has some key differences.  The Skin Finisher has several silicone derivatives, which both set your makeup and give you a luminous glow.  This product smooths over your makeup and makes your skin look polished, while evening out your pores and sealing the deal.  It’s formulated free of talc, fragrance, oils and parabens which is great for sensitive skin gals like me.  The ingredients are: Silica, Dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Lauroyl Lysine, Chlorphenesin, Potassium Sorbate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Mica, Iron Oxides.  If you don’t know what those are, read on…It does NOT contain corn starch, which is one of the ingredients in most powders that can cause that cakey / chalky appearance.  Instead, it’s primarily a powdered silicone primer of sorts – which locks your makeup in place and smooths over the look.

So here we are, 5 hours in, and while the eyeliner is travelleing a bit (my own fault since I didn’t wear a primer) the color is still there.  There is no creasing or fading and my eyes look as good as they did this morning at 7:30!

Please ignore the lovely dark circles...I clearly need some sleep!

Would I buy it again?  Probably.  I wish that some of the products were sold separately, but at $5.90 per piece it’s really a steal.  I would definately buy the eyeliner and shadow stick again, simply for the staying power alone, I would buy it again.  In fact, I’ll get two more collections this year, so I DID buy it again!

But again, please – make these things refillable.  The blush system case could easily be reused.

Mally Share the Love Collection 1

(3.5 out of 5) Keep in mind to get a 5 you REALLY have to blow me away with EVERYthing!)

Mally Eye amplifying Shadow Liner

Illuminating Blush

Double-ended 24/7 blush brush

Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner

Volumizing Mascara

For further review in the future:

  • Poreless Perfection shaded skin finisher in choice of Fair/Light, Medium, Tan, or Rich–Worldwide Launch! Exclusive to QVC until 9/1/11
  • Lip Magnifiers
  • Poreless Face Defender
  • Concealer system



The Queen of Hearts, and other stories… March 9, 2011

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Last month, as I was reading my beauty blogs one day, I came across Musings of  Muse’s review of the Tarte TSV on QVC.  Having never tried the brand, but hearing great things about it and the new trend to use Amazonian (Kaolin) clay in products, I decided to purchases it.

It arrived in my hot little hands yesterday, and contains the following:


  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Balancing Foundation SPF 15 (Your Choice of Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Deep) This is a new product to the line, and from what I can tell isnt’ sold anywhere else yet.
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Wear Powder Blush in Glisten
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Long Wear Eye Shadow Quad (Includes Shimmering Cocoa, Shimmering Bronze, Shimmering Sand, and Shimmering Plum)
  • Tarte EmphasEyes Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner in Golden Plum
  • Tarte Pureoptic Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Golden Pink
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Tarte Foundation Brush
  • Purple Makeup Bag

(for swatches please see Musings of a Muse)

The complete set sells for $48.36, and I checked a few sources and the other foundations are $32-36, so for 12 more bucks you get eyeshadow, a GORGEOUS brush (which I can’t find for sale anywhere else), an eyeliner, mascara, and blush.  Pretty good deal, IF you use the foundation.  You can also get updated color kits in June and in October via the auto delivery option (A216307)

First of all, it came in a great little makeup bag, in a blister pack that was NOT sealed so tight that no one could get in.  SCORE one for QVC!  I first tried the foundation last night, to see how it would react on my skin.  Sadly, I have to say the foundation is a MISS for me because it accentuated my dry patches, and settled in my pores, making me look terrible.  I tried again this morning, and used the brush to buff it out as suggested, but still – the foundation just dried me out and made me look terrible.

However, I LOVE the eyeshadow colors!  With the Golden Plum liner, in automatic pencil form, I was a bit worried because I don’t do well with pencil liners – they end up on my chin by noon.  HOwever, even though this one did smudge a bit, it’s waterproof so after it dries it’s pretty solid.  The color is AMAZING!  It is a very subtle, natural look, which I love for work or daytime.

Over that I used the eyeshadow quad with Shimmering Sand as an all over lid color, adding Shimmering Plum in the crease.  I dusted Shimmering bronze over the outer corner to seal the deal.

I also really like the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.  It didnt’ clump or smudge on my cheeks and dried quickly.

So the verdict is: MIXED!

3 out of 5 compacts, only because I really don’t like the foundation which is a large part of the set.  I have to try the foundation a few more times to decide if I want to keep it or not.  I might try to sell / trade the foundation in LIGHT if anyone is interested.  It might not be the right thing for my skin, as it seems best suited for Combo / Oily skin, whereas I have Dry / Oily T zone skin.

The eye makeup gets

 4 out of 5 stars

Over all, I really like the products, and would recommend you give them a shot.

Auto Delivery including a June and October shipment with new seasonal colors (blush, eye quad, lipgloss, and eyeliner all come in new shades with each shipment)