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Feeling TARTEy! May 18, 2011

Today, I decided to go for an all (well, mostly) Tarte look, using the 8th Wonder of the World Collection from QVC.

  • Mally Poreless Perfection Primer
  • Monistat Anti Chafing Gel on the nose (hey!  It’s cheap and it’s a GREAT silicone primer!)  In fact, the active ingredient, Dimethicone, is the primary ingredient in most silicone based primers.  I swatched L’oreal, BE and Smashbox primers on my hand, along with Monistat.  They are ALL clear silicone primers and all function the same way, more or less.  I will say that the Mally primer is not the best for mineral makeup, but works wonders for cream powders or liquid makeup.  I find that the BE primers and also another fave, the Benefit Primed & Poreless work wonderfully for BE foundation.
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light
  • UDPP in Eden
  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot as base
  • Tarte Shimmering Sand patted on lid and sweeped over lid
  • Tarte Shimmering Plum in the outer 1/3 of eye
  • Tarte Shimming Cocoa in crease
  • Tarte Emphasize Eyes eyeliner in Golden Plum
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Glisten
  • Tarte Pure optic Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Golden Pink
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara

This is definately a great collection, and I can’t wait for the next Auto Delivery in June!


A Cable Car in Sydney May 11, 2011

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Today, I was totally and completely exhausted.  Normally when I have no sleep I say f*%$ it and don’t do my makeup but I was just feeling blah and decided to pick myself up.

The lighting was a bit tricky this morning in my house, but I think yo uget the idea.  Please ignore the grease puddle on my nose; I”m not sure how to get rid of this yet.

So, I started with:
Mally Poreless Perfection Primer

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light

BE Prime Time for Eyes

BE Sydeny patted on lid and buffed on browbone

BE Cable Car in crease

BE Buxom Stay There in Collie over Sydney on upper lid.

I love the neutal but nice pop this look gives and will probably do a variation on it tomorrow!

Next up:  Another look with shadows that are still unopened plus a big ass haul from and my Sephora obsession this month


You’re such a Tarte! March 12, 2011

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Just a little follow up on my Tarte foundation review.  As previously reviewed, I loved the TSV, except the Tarte Amazonian Clay Balancing Foundation SPF 15.  I felt that it was too heavy, and too chalky for my skin, and that it might be sucking the moisture out of it.

Kaolin (Amazonian) Clay is a layered silicate mineral, and is known to have a low shrink – swell capacity.  Basically, it won’t absorb or excrete water.

Long story short, I’ve been using a new moisture pack, in the form of Argan oil.  I bought a no name version from Overstock a while a go to see how I like it.  It SAYS it authentic, so I suppose I belive them.  This oil has been wonderful in making my elbows smooth, moisturizing my dry hands, and yes – helping my dry patches on my face.  I started out using it just on the dry patches, but for the last few nights, I used it all over my face.  It absorbs quickly, and isn’t greasy.  Argan oil, from Morrocco, is exceptionally rich in vitamin E and phenols, which are fantastic for your skin.  It’s traditionally been used as a treatment for skin diseases as well.  After several nights using this as an all over moisture pack, my face is much better.  The dry spots are still there, but they are disappearing.

So today, I tried the Tarte foundation again.  I used a few dots all over my face, and blended with my finger, following up with the fabulous brush in the kit.  I have to tell you, the effect is TOTALLY different and I might actually like this foundation now, particularly in the summer when I’m more oily!  it’s definitely more of a full coverage, and I wouldn’t put very much on your dry spots.  But it’s growing on me.

Tarrte Amazonian Clay Blanacing Fondation

Argan oil (any brand, as long as it’s authentic)

Next up in my Foundation Series:

Josie Maran Matchmaker Argan Serum Foundation


The Queen of Hearts, and other stories… March 9, 2011

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Last month, as I was reading my beauty blogs one day, I came across Musings of  Muse’s review of the Tarte TSV on QVC.  Having never tried the brand, but hearing great things about it and the new trend to use Amazonian (Kaolin) clay in products, I decided to purchases it.

It arrived in my hot little hands yesterday, and contains the following:


  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Balancing Foundation SPF 15 (Your Choice of Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Deep) This is a new product to the line, and from what I can tell isnt’ sold anywhere else yet.
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Wear Powder Blush in Glisten
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Long Wear Eye Shadow Quad (Includes Shimmering Cocoa, Shimmering Bronze, Shimmering Sand, and Shimmering Plum)
  • Tarte EmphasEyes Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner in Golden Plum
  • Tarte Pureoptic Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Golden Pink
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Tarte Foundation Brush
  • Purple Makeup Bag

(for swatches please see Musings of a Muse)

The complete set sells for $48.36, and I checked a few sources and the other foundations are $32-36, so for 12 more bucks you get eyeshadow, a GORGEOUS brush (which I can’t find for sale anywhere else), an eyeliner, mascara, and blush.  Pretty good deal, IF you use the foundation.  You can also get updated color kits in June and in October via the auto delivery option (A216307)

First of all, it came in a great little makeup bag, in a blister pack that was NOT sealed so tight that no one could get in.  SCORE one for QVC!  I first tried the foundation last night, to see how it would react on my skin.  Sadly, I have to say the foundation is a MISS for me because it accentuated my dry patches, and settled in my pores, making me look terrible.  I tried again this morning, and used the brush to buff it out as suggested, but still – the foundation just dried me out and made me look terrible.

However, I LOVE the eyeshadow colors!  With the Golden Plum liner, in automatic pencil form, I was a bit worried because I don’t do well with pencil liners – they end up on my chin by noon.  HOwever, even though this one did smudge a bit, it’s waterproof so after it dries it’s pretty solid.  The color is AMAZING!  It is a very subtle, natural look, which I love for work or daytime.

Over that I used the eyeshadow quad with Shimmering Sand as an all over lid color, adding Shimmering Plum in the crease.  I dusted Shimmering bronze over the outer corner to seal the deal.

I also really like the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.  It didnt’ clump or smudge on my cheeks and dried quickly.

So the verdict is: MIXED!

3 out of 5 compacts, only because I really don’t like the foundation which is a large part of the set.  I have to try the foundation a few more times to decide if I want to keep it or not.  I might try to sell / trade the foundation in LIGHT if anyone is interested.  It might not be the right thing for my skin, as it seems best suited for Combo / Oily skin, whereas I have Dry / Oily T zone skin.

The eye makeup gets

 4 out of 5 stars

Over all, I really like the products, and would recommend you give them a shot.

Auto Delivery including a June and October shipment with new seasonal colors (blush, eye quad, lipgloss, and eyeliner all come in new shades with each shipment)