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The Making of a VIB – part 1 May 12, 2011

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The past year, no really, the past six or seven months, I’ve become something of a makeup hoarder.  It all started with a small collection of mini Bare Escentuals eyeshadows I purchased about 7 years ago, but still own.  Those things are next to IMPOSSIBLE to use up!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I have struggled with makeup my entire life; it wasn’t until recently that I realized that there are tools out there that actually work for me, and could work for you too.

So – using that as a backdrop, I’m about to embark ona series of posts about my mounting makeup collection in 2011.

What is a VIB you ask?  A Very Important Beauty of course!  That is the term that Sephora uses to categorize its frequesnt shoppers who exceed a ridiculous certain level of purchases in any calendar year.  IN this case, it’s $350.  Given that it’s only May, and that I’m telling you I’m a VIB, you can imagine how much product I’ve gone gaga over.  But that’s another story.

So here is part 1:

Dateline, November 2010.  Sephora was having a deal that if I purchased  a certain amount, I’d get a free Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil.  Ok so since I’m a sucker for a steal, deal, or sale, I bought just the bare minimum that was on my watch list:

Stila Smudge Pot in Brown.  There is a story behind this purchase like many others but…

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pencil  – a holiday set of 4 mini waterproof eyeliner pencils

Detect a pattern?  well my biggest struggle with makeup my entire life was getting it to STAY ON MY FACE!  Primarily, I have a serious issue with eyeliner.  For me, personally, if I don’t use the right eyeliner, I end up looking like which is just NOT attractive in any way.  So i sort of gave up, because by noon, my makeup would be smudged, budged and otherwise bothered.  Who knew why, it just way.  I also struggled to find a an eye primer that didn’t irritate my crazy allergy sensitive eyes.  So I didn’t use one.
I did a bit of research, and found that there were RAVE reviews on the Smudge Pots as well as the Smashbox liners.  So off I went to click and buy.
These two products were GREAT!  They really were the foray in to a happy makeup life for me, because for ONCE when I wore them, FINALLY they didn’t budge.  They stayed put.  They didn’t move.  I could put eyeshadow on top of them and it )mostly) looked good an hour later.
I still use the Smashbox pencils from time to time, and they are great, small, and travel friendly.
I have abandoned the smudge pot – thought I”m not sure why, so I’ll need to revist that to review it.  Stay tuned!

A Cable Car in Sydney May 11, 2011

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Today, I was totally and completely exhausted.  Normally when I have no sleep I say f*%$ it and don’t do my makeup but I was just feeling blah and decided to pick myself up.

The lighting was a bit tricky this morning in my house, but I think yo uget the idea.  Please ignore the grease puddle on my nose; I”m not sure how to get rid of this yet.

So, I started with:
Mally Poreless Perfection Primer

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light

BE Prime Time for Eyes

BE Sydeny patted on lid and buffed on browbone

BE Cable Car in crease

BE Buxom Stay There in Collie over Sydney on upper lid.

I love the neutal but nice pop this look gives and will probably do a variation on it tomorrow!

Next up:  Another look with shadows that are still unopened plus a big ass haul from and my Sephora obsession this month


Super Secret Smart Savvy Sale! May 9, 2011

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Holy moley! It's that time of year I guess.  Did you know, ebates is having a bday special!
Places like Sephora and Philosophy and are 12% cash back right now!  That's right, your own personal sale!

If you don't know what ebates is all about, just check it out.  No risk to read, right/
You can stack that with a 20% sale is having or use a Sephora coupon if you have one.  Get bare escentuals, tarte, philosophy, more!

With all the newness at Sephora, why not save a few smackers and order it online.



You’ve come a long way baby! April 24, 2011

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We all remember the days of Cover Girl, the “clean” makeup, when we were younger don’t we?  Many of us started on drugstore brands like cover girl, which – for better or worse – were not exactly the epitome of great makeup.  Given that less than illustrious history, I have steered clear of most drugstore brands,, but things are really starting to change.

I recently received a sample of Cover Girl’s new NatureLuxe line from BzzzAgent, and was really pleased with the results.  My sample was in 310-Flax and considering that I had to pretty much guess at the color, it was a really good match.

According to Pat McGrath, the Global Creative Design Direction at Cover Girl, “In make-up, we’re seeing Luxe-Simplicity influence a light, fresh, yet flawless look which is both luxurious and radiant.  I call this the natural polished look.” .   I love the texture of this liquid; as someone who rarely wears liquid foundation because of the heavy, masky feeling, this product uses natural jojoba oil, rosehip extracts, and cucumber water in stead of oils.  As a result, it is very light to the tough and on the skin.  It gives what I’d call a medium full coverage, not quite sheer, which i love for days when I just need a little more help with my face.  Another great feature is the build in SPF 10.  Granted it’s not a high SPF but for those of us who are office hermits, it’s typically sufficient for daytime wear.

Since it’s available in 14 shades, there is a good bet that you can find the one that’s right for you.  What’s more, Walgreen’s is currently having a buy one get one 50% sale on Cover Girl products.  This foundation retails for $12.99, but with a $2 off coupon available in this weekend’s Parada Magazine  (or ask me, I have a few) you can get it for $10.99.  Buy the companion lipbalm (to be reviewed) at $7.49, which you could get at 50% off, and you have a nice $14 deal.  Considering the price of some other foundations these days, this is a great deal, and worth a try.

I received this sample free of charge by participating in BzzAgent


Something for nothing? YES YOU CAN! April 21, 2011

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I was perusing some beauty blogs today, and I came across a post by GWP Addict showcasing a deal where you pay $20 for a deluxe sample bag and a $25 gift card.

So I jumped on it!  In fact, I bought 2 – thinking one would make a nice gift.  Since I paid $40 for $50 in gift cards, I made $10.  Additionally, I used ebates for another 6% back.

Get to it!

I don’t knwo what will be in the bag, but does it really matter with free money coming my way?


It’s a Philosophy silly! April 8, 2011

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philosophy tsv 4/16/2011

I’ve always had fairly decent skin.  I really didn’t take care of it much, and never really had too many problems.  Until recently that is.  As I age, and as I’ve gone off the hormonal roller coast that is The Pill (shriek!  Horror!) I’ve had some nasty side effects like patchy, dry, scaly skin along with an oil slick for a nose.

In steps philosophy, the skin care line that was developed for dermatologists.  My first product was Hope in a Jar last year, which i love, and I recently purchased the Miracle Worker set from after watching a presentation on QVC.  WOWZAH!  After using this set a few times a week for a month, I really see a difference in my skin.  The dry flaky patches are gone, and the overall texture has improved.  So much so, that I recently bought the next step:  the microdelivery peel pads.  These are like mini peels in a pad that refresh and renew your skin.  I’ve only used them once, so stay tuned on that front…

Why am I telling you this?  Well because philosophy is having a Today’s Special Value on QVC this month.  The set includes said Miracle Worker retanoid pads, Miracle Worker Eye Cream, Miracle Worker Eye Cream, and Miracle Worker Day Cream.  All of this for $96.18.  Since I paid $110 for a set that only had the pads on (which comes with a solution you pour over them), the Miracle Worker Concentrate and the regular Miracle Worker moisturizer (not the spf 55 one this kit has) you are getting the eye cream for free and a bit of a boosted moisturizer.  This is a GREAT deal!  I am going to take advantage of it, even though I still have plenty of my kit left because ti’s a great value.  It’s also available on Sleazy Easy Pay which allows to spread the cost over a few months.  If you’re really in love, you can get it on Auto Delivery, so you only pay shipping on the first order (although I’m not sure about this because my other A-D do charge shipping…ah well).

To order now on presale:

A216295 one time only

A216610 auto delivery

There will be new numbers on the day of the presentation


A Prim-er on Prime-r: Stila Prime Pot March 31, 2011

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One of my biggest struggles with wearing eye color, is that it just falls off my eyes during the course of the day.  However, since I love wearing color, and I am sick and tired of not playing dress up because I look like a racoon by noon, I am on a mission to find the right eye primer.

I have used several kinds of eye primer, and non primer primer like products (um MAC Paint Pot anyone?).  The biggest issue that I have had is that my uber sensitive eyes react to the primer, and make wearing makeup a moot point because I am crying and stinging all day from the very product that was supposed to SUPPORT my sparklecrack habit!

Enter the Stila Prime Pot.  If you are familiar with Stila Smudge Pots you will see that these are very similar.  In fact, they are also very similar to MAC Paint Pots.


The difference with these is that not only are they available in only two shades (Taffy and Caramel) but they are less creamy, and a bit more sticky than Smudge Pots.

Stila says that these are a waterproof eye shadow primer that promises flawless, creaseless eye shadow wear. A revolutionary polymer adheres to eye shadow and allows for shadow to wear all day and night.

Does it live up to the print?

I’ll give them cred, it ALMOST lives up to that claim.  I did have some wear and tear about 3pm.  Stila further claims that this innovative waterproof formula is crease resistant and extends eye shadow wear all day. Prime Pot also creates flawlessly smooth lids and keeps excess oil at bay.

True enough!  The most important thing in my book is that it is EXTREMLY gentle on the eyes.  I had no reaction at all with the product.

As previously mentioned, there are two shades


Taffy – soft beige pink



Caramel – warm tawny beige.  Caramel was a bit too dark for this paleface, but I can see it being a great contour color, and also for medium skin tones.


With this product, a very little goes a long way, so the $20 price tag is very affordable, particularly compared to the $18 Urban Decay Primer Potion (review on that later) and Bare Escentuals Prime Time for Eyes.

This is a must have product for me!  I’ll post a follow up review after I use it a few more times.